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Water On Glass

Water On Glass

Traveling through a place when it’s raining, drops gathers on the windshield creating a separate plane of information. Especially if it’s a downpour and you are trying to look past one reality to see another. It’s an abstraction, and not. Each drop curves the view – a micro-world of it’s own. Mesmerizing.

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“Winter Light” Monotype Print, 18″x24″ Ink on paper (available)

February is anything but boring; tree-stripping storms, bright pale skies, blanching frosts, dense foggy mornings – you name it and in the past 3 weeks, we have experienced it. My poor garden began to blossom in Jan. and then, 15ยบ temp + wind.

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First Blog Entry – Happy New Year 2012 – New Monotype

First Blog Entry – Happy New Year 2012 – New Monotype.


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