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Water On Glass

Water On Glass

Traveling through a place when it’s raining, drops gathers on the windshield creating a separate plane of information. Especially if it’s a downpour and you are trying to look past one reality to see another. It’s an abstraction, and not. Each drop curves the view – a micro-world of it’s own. Mesmerizing.

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OK, What is a MONOTYPE? It’s a one-of-a-kind print. Unlike most other forms of printmaking; intaglio, linocut, lithography, serigraph, and more, monotypes have no matrix. In my case, I roll a thin veil of oil-based ink onto the surface of a sheet of plastic and wipe away the areas I want to remain open – then I print onto a sheet of 100%rag paper. For these color landscapes, I may have as many as 12 layers of ink in order to overlap veils of warm and cool hues to create a sense of depth and luminescence.¬†All of the marks are made with brayers (rollers) not brushes. My self-assignment is to mess around with the perception of edge and to limit my ability to finely control the media. WHY?

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Upper Pool 18x24 Monotype

Another new monotype. This one based on several places I have visited, and the idea of using reflecting pools in architecture to add dimension

Upper Pool 18x24 Monotype

and tranquility to the site.

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