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Climate Change

“Shifting Flow”  18″ x 24″ Monotype. A visual story about a journey- “my kayak, slides through it into a beautiful place full of snow and ice where a shifting glacier is barely seen, receding. My spine feels the cold, deep water, 1/4 inch from my body. They know I am here. Bus-sized creatures glide silently under – and I, in a swaddling of thin synthetic layers – under which I am utterly naked”.

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Everything In Motion

This little Monotype was done with three plates; Yellow, Magenta and Cyan. The subject is a train station with people moving through space, time and light. Have you ever watched the film, “Chronos”?

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New Monotype

“Between Layers” began as a response to “Pool” and continues to explore the idea of architecture as environment – and the aesthetic of creating spaces that provide opportunities for expression. Reflecting pools have always been important, visually extending space, light and form, both vertically and horizontally. This is essential to some cultures and particularly integral to garden-structure relationships, which embrace more of the whole human experience.

"Between Layers" 18" x 24" Monotype

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