15 Jan

Born to an Architect and Environmentalist, there is something about the landscape of architecture and architecture in landscape that intrigues me. This includes the inner landscape. There is something deeply born in humanity to shape, solve, survey and sculpt potential of any sort be it physical, environmental, familial or psychological. People talk a lot about webs, connections and thinking outside of the box – WHAT BOX? I don’t know any artists contained within a set of 90-degree thoughts. PYLONS, (and other works) explores human history as a series of support structures long forgotten, having once served a vital purpose but now a broken, overgrown part of the visual and physical scape – transformed by time, marking memories for those who still remember – beautiful in it’s own way.

Born to an Arch…

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One response to “Born to an Arch…

  1. Mer Knowles

    January 16, 2012 at 6:06 pm

    The architectural reference here is so apropos!!!!!!!!!!!! One of my favorites here on your site.


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