HOT or COLD – What is BLUE anyway?

10 Jan

My friend Wendy asked me to add in something of my personal experience in connection with the imagery in these works. This is a little scary. So often art speaks it’s own language because each viewer brings to the work their own response which transforms a set of visual cues back into experience and connection – but it’s a bit like “Telephone line” remember that game from childhood – or am I dating myself – the message you start with is usually not the message you end up with.

In this case I started with memories of watching Jacques Coueteau on a little black and white TV screen – imagining brilliant and moody color, “and here we are, swaying gently in the tide, as if floating in a dream”. Phosphorescence and fire = what is hotter, blue or orange. AND then, there are references to recent events. Perhaps this sounds oblique but some things are hard to talk about.

“Towers”  18×24 Monotype

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One response to “HOT or COLD – What is BLUE anyway?

  1. robin weiss

    January 13, 2012 at 5:08 pm

    Nicely done Leigh! I think Jacques would like it!…… A beautiful and tropical Cool Blue!


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