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OK, What is a MONOTYPE? It’s a one-of-a-kind print. Unlike most other forms of printmaking; intaglio, linocut, lithography, serigraph, and more, monotypes have no matrix. In my case, I roll a thin veil of oil-based ink onto the surface of a sheet of plastic and wipe away the areas I want to remain open – then I print onto a sheet of 100%rag paper. For these color landscapes, I may have as many as 12 layers of ink in order to overlap veils of warm and cool hues to create a sense of depth and luminescence. All of the marks are made with brayers (rollers) not brushes. My self-assignment is to mess around with the perception of edge and to limit my ability to finely control the media. WHY?

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Where We Meet

Thank you for your responses – primarily through emails not posted here – I am asked often if there is a spiritual underpinning to these works – to which I would say, yes. Landscape speaks volumes. At a certain time in the forming of an American identity, artists like Asher Durand (b.1796) and his friend Thomas Cole spent many summers in the Catskills, Adirondacks and the White Mountains of New Hampshire  – eventually creating the Hudson River School, a truly American center of thought and expression. Durand, like other Hudson River colleagues, believed that nature was the direct expression of God. In his “Letters On Landscape Painting”, he wrote, “…the true province of landscape art is the representation of the work of God in the visible creation . . .” As a Christian and environmentalist, I do not see any division between an appreciation for creation and care for creation – other than degree. Being there is a start – 

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Born to an Architect and Environmentalist, there is something about the landscape of architecture and architecture in landscape that intrigues me. This includes the inner landscape. There is something deeply born in humanity to shape, solve, survey and sculpt potential of any sort be it physical, environmental, familial or psychological. People talk a lot about webs, connections and thinking outside of the box – WHAT BOX? I don’t know any artists contained within a set of 90-degree thoughts. PYLONS, (and other works) explores human history as a series of support structures long forgotten, having once served a vital purpose but now a broken, overgrown part of the visual and physical scape – transformed by time, marking memories for those who still remember – beautiful in it’s own way.

Born to an Arch…

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Friday the 13th

It’s Friday the 13th – OO-LA-LA as Cisco would say. To me, the day seems like any other, aside from a bit of odd behavior here and there – and speaking of. . .  Im giving you an oil painting I did of a friend of mine  – just to be rebellious. She is a vivacious and beautiful person, world traveller and teacher. In real life, she does not have red hair but she does look like John Singer Sargent’s, Madam X, ( and I imagine her inner person as a red-head! ). The painting, though clumsy, serves as a nod to the master.


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HOT or COLD – What is BLUE anyway?

My friend Wendy asked me to add in something of my personal experience in connection with the imagery in these works. This is a little scary. So often art speaks it’s own language because each viewer brings to the work their own response which transforms a set of visual cues back into experience and connection – but it’s a bit like “Telephone line” remember that game from childhood – or am I dating myself – the message you start with is usually not the message you end up with.

In this case I started with memories of watching Jacques Coueteau on a little black and white TV screen – imagining brilliant and moody color, “and here we are, swaying gently in the tide, as if floating in a dream”. Phosphorescence and fire = what is hotter, blue or orange. AND then, there are references to recent events. Perhaps this sounds oblique but some things are hard to talk about.

“Towers”  18×24 Monotype

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Some COLOR in January.

“Above Cloud Level” The title falls short of emotions evoked in the glowing warmth of this place. Like all of these works, the images are drawn from memories of places I have lived, visited or imagined. 18″x24″ Oil-based inks on Arches 88 paperImage


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Upper Pool 18x24 Monotype

Another new monotype. This one based on several places I have visited, and the idea of using reflecting pools in architecture to add dimension

Upper Pool 18x24 Monotype

and tranquility to the site.

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